Google Maps Comes to Kia’s UVO Infotainment System

Kia’s attempt at an in-car infotainment system, UVO, is getting an upgrade ahead of Kia’s 2014 line of vehicles. The big news? It’ll be coming standard with sync options for Google Maps and Google Places.

UVO, which comes in Kia vehicles like the Soul, the Sorento, and the Optima, will work with the Google services via drivers’ smartphones. Using the linking system soon to be in new UVO-equipped Kia vehicles, whether by Bluetooth or wire, you’ll be able to run Google Maps or Google Places on your phone, then use touch controls or voice commands. With a little bit of pre-driving set-up using your smartphone, you’ll be able to have Google Maps and Places as your car’s built-in navigation system – not a bad deal.

Current owners of UVO-equipped vehicles should be able to take advantage of the updates with UVO’s firmware updates, which are available online, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. We do know that the new features will come standard starting with the 2014 Kia Sorento.

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