Moshi Mythros Earbuds and Ionbank 10K Keeps You Juiced

Moshi is highlighting this year at CES a pair of Mythros canal-fit earbuds, that sport a new “burn-in” technology. Burning and ears don’t really sound like they go together do they? But this tech claims to wear in your headphones the way shoes need to be. It makes them perfom at optimum from the get go and does this “by playing back a curated list of tones and frequencies” allowing the headphone diaphragms to relax. Who knew there were uptight diaphragms in headphones? And a curated list of tones and frequencies? Can i have some curated ham with that? How fancy! The Dr8 neodynium drivers make for a good listening experience and they better at $30 a pop. Also included is a mic. Available next month in gunmetal gray, jet silver, satin gold, tyrian purple, rose pink, and burgundy red. And hey, Mythros, maybe from the super special metal mithril, a little Lord of the Rings reference never hurts with the geek crowd.

Another feature in the line up was the Ionbank 10k, a battery pack that can take on two gadgets at once for emergency charging via the 2 USB 3.0 ports. Recharging capability sits at 10,000mAh, so you could theoretically get a good 4-5 iPhone charges, and iPad 3/4 gen once, iPad 2 maybe a couple times. Design is the classic Apple White with aluminum and a slider that tucks the cord away for easy transport. Available mid-year for roughly $100. See Moshi for more.