Nano Nails and Tech Tips Give Nail Tech A New Meaning

Long pretty nails + Touch screen Smartphone = Frustrating. Not so anymore with Tech Tips and Nano Nails, you can have the best of both worlds. They take a slightly different approach to the problem from each other. Tech Tips is a physical add on to the tip of your finger with a nail like extension that touches the screen. This acts to prevent the very irritating giant swathe of a typical stylus’s blunt round edge, by being precise, as well as allowing you to use your own finger unencumbered by having to hold a stylus. Also a nice perk here is that you can slip it on the end of your glove. However, given the size limitations some with too long of nails may not be able to use this.

On the flip side is Nano Nails, while there isn’t much information on this yet, what we’ve gathered is that it is either, a polish or, more likely, press on nails. The video just shows a nicely manicured hand without the appearance of any added tech, navigating an iPhone with both her finger and nail. That is very neat! We look forward to hearing more about it. See the video here for Nano Nails, and see Tech Tips for more info.


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