Hands on with Panasonic’s 20 inch 4K Tablet

We knew 4K televisions would be a CES 2013 trend, but were not expecting 4K tablets this soon.  Panasonic has just debuted the world’s first 4K tablet with a beautiful 20 inch touchscreen running Windows 8.

The Panasonic tablet, boringly dubbed the “20 inch 4K tablet”, is basically everything you can expect from a Windows 8 tablet, but scaled up. It’s running full Windows 8 Professional and works with a digital pen or all 10 of your fingers. It features an insane resolution of 3840 x 2560 and has 230 pixels per square inch. The demo model that we went hands-on with is running an Intel Core i5 processor (1.8GHZ), Nvidia GeForce Graphics, 4GB of RAM and a capacity of 16GB, a 128GB SSD, Bluetooth 4.0, and a 720p webcam.

After viewing the 20 inch 4K tablet, we figured it wasn’t going to be liftable, but at 5.3 lbs it’s very liftable and a neat device to use on-lap. Is it too early to coin “laptab”?

The tablet is only .4″ thick and the back of it is covered in a beautiful brushed metal finish.

We have to hand it to Panasonic for their honesty, currently the 20 inch 4K tablet only boasts a 2 hour battery life, taking us back to the old days. The 4K screen must be a real energy hog. Luckily for Panasonic, and not as lucky for us, the 20 inch 4K tablet won’t be released until the second half of 2013 so they have time for improvement. While that feels like a long ways away, it’s comforting that Panasonic at least plans on making it available to consumers this year. This also gives us a good opportunity to figure out how we can work such a large tablet into our lifestyle!