Samsung Shows Off Legitimately Ridiculous New 4k Televisions at CES

Samsung UHD S9 TV

Just about every television maker under the sun is going to be doing their best to blitz consumers with new terms like 4kTV, ultra high definition, and OLED. That includes Samsung, which unveiled a few new televisions saddled with those monikers this week at CES.

The Samsung UHD S9 is the madman running the asylum – an ultra high definition LED-backlit television that will come in (seriously) 85” and 110” models. It’s worth noting here that while the exact definition of ultra high definition still seems to be subject to debate in some circles, here it means the same as 4ktv – a resolution of 3840 × 2160. 4k refers to 3840 almost being 4000. The amount of pixels is actually 2x 4x as much as 1080p.

Anyway, this is a massive television that promises to have picture up to 4x as clear as 1080p televisions. It comes in a frame that sort of looks like it should be holding up a chalkboard in your old third grade classroom, but I suppose that’s beside the point. Audio isn’t being overlooked, either – the UHD S9 will have three-way 2.2 channels of 120 watt speakers, which Samsung claims makes the audio six times better than a standard television. Here’s one more big number – a quad-core processor running the show. If you’re concerned about non-4k content, the television will be able to scale up 1080p and Full HD content to 4k levels. Which is terrific, because the entire library of 4k content currently available amounts to absolutely nothing.

The F9500 will get you used to the other new television thing you need to get used to – OLED televisions. Whereas with LED TVs, you still had an LCD screen with LED backlighting, OLED screens are actually a replacement for and improvement over the LCD screen. They’re capable of deeper black levels, and in general are thinner and lighter than comparable LCD screens. The Samsung F9500 will be one of the first OLED TVs that Samsung will attempt to bring to market. It’s also coming with a very interesting feature called Multi-View. Multi-View requires the use of 3D glasses that come with the TV, but the gist is this – two people will be able to use the same television screen to watch separate things, simultaneously. Both people will need to wear the glasses, which have their own sets of speakers and controls. From there, one person can tune into a sports game while the other watches a sitcom, or any combination you want to throw out there. Point is, two people will be watching the same television screen, but will be completely immersed in their own separate entertainment worlds. There’s something profoundly depressing in there somewhere, but it’s hard to deny the appeal.

Samsung has a few new LED and plasma televisions hitting the market as well – the F8500 (plasma), the F7500 (LED), and the F8000 (LED). It almost goes without saying that all of these televisions will be Smart TVs. Also, each one will work with Samsung’s newly announced Evolution Kits, which offer yearly hardware upgrades without consumers having to buy entirely new televisions. Samsung also announced a few UI tweaks to their Smart TV system, including S-Recommendation, which will offer suggested content based on your viewing habits. There will be a few new gesture controls possible, including swiping and pinch-to-zoom, and voice control has also received an update.

No word on when these new TVs will become available. And pricing hasn’t been announced yet either, so start saving up now.

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