Sony Pushes Out Several NFC Touting Wireless Speakers

At CES this week, Sony is rolling out four new wireless, portable speakers. They have many things in common, but here’s the most interesting part – they’ll all be coming with NFC support.

That means that by using an NFC-equipped device and the NFC Easy Connect app, you’ll be able to stream music by tapping your device to the speaker. For Apple owners, and others who own non-NFC devices, the speakers will be your standard wireless Bluetooth speakers.

The two higher-end speakers – the SRS-BTX500 and the SRS BTX-300 – include AptX and AAC codecs, for higher-quality Bluetooth streaming. The premium model – the SRS-BTX500 – has a built-in subwoofer and Sony DMC technology, which includes dual passive radiators, magnetic fluid speakers, and Clear Phase digital signal processing. All of those work together to lower distortion and clear up the vocals. The BTX-500 will have a battery life of about seven hours, while you can expect eight hours from the BTX-300. Sony promises that both will deliver heavy bass, in addition to quality highs and mids.

The SRS-BTV5 and SRS-BTM8 are much smaller, but also pack in NFC capabilities. Sony claims that the former is roughly racquet ball-sized, and its round design means that it plays audio back 360 degrees around. That one will have a five hour battery life. The BTM8 is much bigger, but has a carrying handle and an impressive 20 hours of battery life.

All four of Sony’s new tap-and-go NFC speakers will go on sale sometime this March. The SRS-BTX 500 will be available in black, and will sell for about $300. The SRS-BTX300 will come in both black and white, and will have a $200 asking price. The SRS-BTM8 will sell for $100 and come in more colors – black, white, and pink. The SRS-BTV5 is the smallest and cheapest, coming in at $70. It will only be available in black.