Targus TouchPen Transforms ANY Laptop into a Touchscreen Device

Have an old notebook that you recently upgraded to Windows 8, but no touchscreen? Now you can have your cake and eat it, too.

The Targus TouchPen system is a stylus and a small device that clips onto the side of a laptop. That device pairs with the stylus, a digitizer pen, to fool any non-touchscreen device into thinking that it has a touchscreen. Targus claims this is the only product that will do this for non-touchscreen devices running Windows 8, but apparently they didn’t consult with E Fun first, because E Fun’s APEN Touch 8 system is essentially the exact same device, and is also going to be on display at CES.

There is one difference that you should take note of if you own a 17” laptop – the Targus device supports 17” notebooks, while the E Fun device is only good up to 15.6”. Like the E Fun device, you will need to use the stylus provided in order to actually use the touch features provided by the TouchPen system – it relies on communication between the add-on device and stylus, so using your finger won’t cut it.

As of CES, the Targus TouchPen system should be available in stores and online for about $100.