Trakdot Keeps an Eye on Your Luggage Better than the Airlines Do

We’ve all been in that moment of panic wondering where our luggage is and why we didn’t pack some essentials in our carry on. Worry no more, with Trakdot. 26 million pieces of luggage get lost yearly worldwide, so the odds are pretty high that one will encounter this problem at some point. Trakdot is a palm sized tracker that is easy to fit into any bag and tells you what city your precious cargo is in, in real time. Here’s how it works; Pack the device. Register it on their website, and receive texts or email about what city it is in, or track it personally on their website. A particularly cool feature is that it can alert you to when the baggage is approaching the carousel.

It works globally with any mobile device, can be linked to multiple phone or SMS enabled devices, but they do require an activation fee of $8.99 along with an annual fee of $12.99, on top of the initial purchase price of $49.95. Sounds like a small price to pay for a bit of peace of mind. Although it will be interesting to see how effective this actually is in getting an Airline to find your luggage, even with specifics, if you know what I mean. Available in March 2013. See Trakdot for more info.