Barbie Does Her Best Imitation of Carrie Underwood with Barbie Digital Dress Doll

That Barbie, always a trendsetter. We may be oohing and ahhing over Carrie Underwood’s amazing gown that she performed in on the Grammys last night, but little did Carrie know that Barbie has already bested her with her own version of a digital dress. Coincidence? I think not. Barbie has always been ahead of the trends when it comes to merging fashion and technology. It started with Barbie Video Girl several years ago and last year she debuted the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll. That unique doll gave you the ability to take pictures with Barbie and then display them on her t-shirt. Like we said, Barbie has always been fashion forward.

So it is no surprise that the Barbie Digital Dress that debuted at Toy Fair this week, will certainly be another hit! You can design the Barbie Digital Dress using an included stylus. You won’t be drawing on the doll exactly, but what you will be doing is creating a unique LED design with the stylus that will pulsate to the beat of whatever music you have nearby. There are three modes of play—choose from ready-to-go graphics like hearts and fireworks or draw custom designs. When you are finished customizing Barbie’s dress  just watch the designs respond to sound and music.

Barbie’s black dress houses a 4.5 square inch resistive touch panel and 114 tri-color LEDs.  All eyes will be on Barbie when she walks into the club this summer. Barbie Digital Dress Doll will retail for $49.99 when it becomes available in August.


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