Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Transforms the iPad into a Virtual Vanity Frame

Playing dress up has officially made it into the 21st century with the new Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror. The Digital Makeover Mirror is actually an app-accessory that transforms the iPad into a digital mirror by sliding it into a vanity frame. Girls can use the “mirror” to apply eye shadow, lipstick, color, and glitter, onto their face, all thanks to augmented reality technology. This one of the neatest uses of augmented reality technology that we have seen yet. A plastic applicator is included for applying the virtual makeup onto their face as they watch it all happen live on the iPad’s screen. And in addition to augmented reality technology, the Digital Makeover Mirror uses facial tracking technology to keep the digital makeup in place on a girl’s face.

The app also comes preloaded with several make-up looks. But kids can put together your own looks and save them in a scrapbook. Afterwards they can share these looks with their friends on Facebook, via email and other social tools.

The mirror itself is decorated like a traditional makeup vanity, complete with light bulbs, and of course, a pink frame to match Barbie’s signature style. Mattel says that the mirror will also be compatible with the iPad Mini.

The app for the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is still in beta, but you can expect the product to be available in August for $69.99. But the value of having kids not dip into mommy’s make-up drawer to play dress-up? Well, that is just priceless.


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