CalypsoKey Brings NFC to the iPhone 5, as a Case

If you were thinking about springing for a luxury iPhone case, you might do well to consider Calypso Crystal, which has a new addition to their line of cases called CalypsoKey.

CalypsoKey can be added to any model of Calypso Crystal’s three lines of cases – CalypsoRing, CalypsoLoop, and CalypsoCabrio. CalypsoKey is equipped with RFID and NFC technology, which will make it ideal for opening up doors – as long as you do a little legwork on your end. CalypsoKey works best with access control systems that are passed by tapping a card to an RFID reader. If you have access to the security program behind that door lock, you can tell the system to accept your case’s RFID. Chances are, you’ll have to have security people at your workplace willing to do that for you.

You can use it to access lock-and-key doors, too, but that’s going to require an extra purchase – an RFID-friendly locking mechanism that goes over your lock, like the one shown in the video on the Calypso Crystal website. Those are not sold by Calypso Crystal.

If these kinds of locks aren’t already part of your life, it sounds like CalypsoKey probably isn’t worth the trouble. For those that have multiple key cards and multiple doors to get through, you can use a CalypsoKey-equipped case as an all-in-one keycard, which might end up being a little more efficient. Adding CalypsoKey to a Calypso case will tack on an extra 40 euros for the CalypsoCabrio cases, and an extra 30 euros for the CalypsoLoop and CalypsoRing cases.