Dylan’s Candy Bar iPad and Kindle Cases Are Pretty Sweet

Looks like we have some more sweet treats coming our way in time for Valentine’s Day. Dylan’s Candy Bar, which normally focuses on making sure everyone’s candy needs are satisfied, has taken a turn towards gadgets with its new line of iPad cases.

The Candyspill and Whirly Pop designs are available in folio form, for both the iPad and the 7” class of tablets (including the iPad Mini). The cases will also fit the  Kindle Family. These soft cases have microfiber lining to prevent scratches, and are decked out in all manner of your favorite hard candies, although it looks like those Candyspill cases throw in some gummies for good measure. There’s also a hard case for the iPad, which includes a stand.

The most delicious cases yet will run you $60 for the iPad folios, $50 for the smaller folios, and $40 for the fitted hard iPad case. If you hurry, you might be able to still get one delivered by Valentine’s Day.