Hippih HipKey is a Hip Way of Not Losing Your Keys Ever Again [Review]

Never lose your keys, phone, or child again! It’s almost that easy; with the Hippih HipKey you can make your misplaceables placeable and your irreplaceables protected. The new Hippih HipKey is a rugged  keychain that works on proximity and movement based alerting. Using the iOS or Android app, HipKey can easily be set up for a multitude of purposes.

The Hippih HipKey is a great example of what technology can do with Bluetooth 4.0, the “smart” power-friendly Bluetooth connection. It’s not a GPS device but rather relies on Bluetooth to keep a constant check on the distance between the two devices. With a range up to 50 meters, there’s a lot of practicality and beneficial uses. HipKey is even able to maintain a connection for two to four weeks on one charge.

There are four modes the HipKey can be set in: Alarm Mode, Child Mode, Motion Mode, and Find Me Mode. HipKey is a two-way device, so when HipKey or your Android/iOS device travels too far from one another in alarm mode, both devices will be alerted. The distance threshold between devices can be set as small (2-5m), medium (15-20m) and long (30-50m). You can also add geographic safe zones which would trigger the alarm when passed. As long as you either have one of the two devices (HipKey and Phone), you’ll be alarmed immediately and can justify the situation!

HipKey has a child-mode that will alert you if your child wanders too far away, it works similar to alarm mode. Motion mode is great if you’re at work or a coffee shop. Pop it in your bag and as soon as it moves your phone will start beeping and buzzing. The HipKey must have a built in accelerometer or motion sensor because it works extremely quickly from slight movement. The last mode is Find Me mode, which works regardless of any other set mode. You can either ping your phone from the HipKey or vice versa, both will beep and vibrate.

HipKey has an outstanding battery capable of lasting weeks, plus it uses the standard micro-USB charger. It’s bigger than your average keychain, but it will fit right in. Though big, it has a neat high tech PacMan appearance. There’s only two buttons on HipKey: power and alert. It’s made of aluminum with a tough rubberized coating. Considering it rattles around with my keys all day it’s stayed in great shape.

HipKey is an impressive device. What’s even more impressive is how well it can work with iPhone and iOS. iOS is notorious for being limited in capabilities when an app is not actively open. HipKey maintains a connection over bluetooth regardless of what’s active on the iOS or Android device. As soon as the device shuts off, HipKey will be alerted. The beeping is very high pitch and very loud (90dB). In a pocket, it will be muffled, but if it’s out in the open everyone will hear it. Volume and vibration can be set from the app. The iOS or Android device will also beep and vibrate, but if iPhone’s ringer is set to vibrate it can’t bypass it.

HipKey works exactly how it’s supposed to in every setting. The motion detection is surprisingly immediate. The ranges seem pretty accurate from my testing. I have no doubt it would work exactly how you’d want it to in the field. The only issue I really had with it was sporadic false alarms. This is likely caused from kinks in the Bluetooth connection (maybe just related to iPhone 5?). While the false alarms aren’t optimal, I’d rather HipKey be safe than sorry. The most practical use for me is keeping HipKey placed inside of my backpack while I’m at the coffee shop, distracted, typing away, and in the zone. My phone is always in eye’s sight and I keep HipKey’s volume a bit lower in case of false alarms.

Add a digital leash to just about anything with HipKey. HipKey’s proximity and motion based alerts are loud and effective. While there’s a ton of practical uses, it could just be the simple solution to never running late from misplaced keys, phone or tablet. The device is strong, durable, and rarely needs to be charged. The app is simple to use and it’s possible for new features to roll out with a software update. At $89.95, it’s a bit pricey, but could easily get it’s money worth, especially if it keeps your child safe and nearby. The Hippih HipKey is currently available online from the Apple Store.

Good: Nice design, easy to use, amazing battery, App is intuitive, App is available for future feature upgrades, integrates nicely with iPhone/iOS, Android compatible, includes strong bungee cable, loud and vibrates.

Bad: False Alarms, no iPhone 5 app, no GPS–limited to short range (50M), and App can’t locate HipKey–only alerts it