You Won’t Need Smaller Fingers to Type on the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini

Logitech is bringing its Ultrathin Keyboard cover to the iPad Mini, and it looks just as Apple-friendly as the full iPad versions.

The keyboard covers come in both black and white, and, like the full-sized Ultrathin Keyboards for the iPad, are made with an aluminum backing that will go well with your Mini. When using the keyboard, the iPad Mini clicks into place with magnets, which are strong enough to keep the device stable while standing up. The keyboard will automatically turn on once the cover is opened, and battery life is estimated to be about three months, assuming about two hours of use per day.

As you might imagine, roughly 7” doesn’t allow for much room for a keyboard. That said, the Ultrathin Keyboard Mini does a decent job of using all available real estate to present a usable keyboard. There are only four rows of keys, with the number and symbol keys doing double (triple?) duty as shortcut keys specifically designed for the iPad Mini. Like the regular-sized models, there is no trackpad.

The Ultrathin Keyboard Mini is available for preorder now for about $80, on the Logitech online store.

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