MacBook Pro Retinas Get Price-cuts and Processor Upgrades

The most expensive notebooks around just got a little better – and cheaper, to boot.

Well, cheaper might not be the right word. They’re still pretty much the most expensive notebooks you can reasonably expect to find. The basic 13” MacBook Pro will now sell for $1,500. That has 128 GB of Flash memory, but won’t have a new processor. The 256 GB model, on the other hand, will have a new 2.6 GHz processor, and will sell for $1,700. The 15” MacBook Pros will both have quad-core processors – 2.4 GHz and 2.7 GHz – but there will be no price change. All of those prices and processor updates are for the Retina versions of the MacBook Pro.

The 13” MacBook Air also got a price cut, down to $1,400. Not exactly a bargain, but there it is. If you were waiting on buying a MacBook Pro or Air for yourself, now seems as good of a time as any.

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