Magic Mirror App Unlocks the Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle

The Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle lives up to its name in a lot more ways than one. Just by itself, with the castle and the 30-some-odd pieces that come with it, the set is a Disney Princess fan’s dream come true. But, the castle also gets a touch of magic, from a little pixie dust.

OK, not pixie dust. Augmented reality. A little less fairy tale-like, but what are you going to do?

Girls get a three-story castle to play with, which includes themed rooms for several Disney Princesses. You can have Ariel in the tub in the bathroom, Snow White in the kitchen baking a cake, Belle getting the dining room ready, and Cinderella sewing dresses in her own room, plus a few others. There’s also Rapunzel’s bedroom up at the top of the castle, with a hair rope slide down to the bottom. The hair doesn’t seem to actually be attached to Rapunzel, so I guess there’s just a bunch of hair there hanging out for some reason. Maybe Rapunzel has never heard of Locks of Love.

The augmented reality part comes into play with the little markers spread out around the inside and outside of the castle. Using the free companion app (appropriately called the Disney Magic Mirror App), scanning any one of those areas will trigger some kind of event in the castle. That should be a lot to explore.

The last word on Disney Princess toys comes in at $190, and will become available sometime during June of this year. The new Sparkling Disney Princess dolls will, unfortunately, all be sold separately.