Oberon Design Leather iPad Mini Case Review

If you went back in time to the Renaissance with your iPad Mini, there’s a good chance you’d leave with a case very similar to the Oberon Design Leather iPad Mini Case. This intricately crafted case is made using old school leather artistry and sports a number of iconic designs in a 3D engraved-like design. Our Oberon case for iPad Mini features Van Gogh’s ‘Boats’ and covers the case from front to back.

We have now reviewed a few different Oberon iPad Cases over the years, so we know that we can always expect consistent high-quality designs that add serious flare and personality to iPad. Oberon is not your run-of-the-mill iPad case. It’s more like wrapping your iPad in a very fine book cover. The leather is rich with texture and extremely durable. On the full sized iPad it added a notable amount of size and weight, but with the Mini it’s not as big of a deal.

The entire outside of the case is one piece of crafted authentic leather. We love how Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic ‘Boats’ spans the entirety of the exterior. The attention to detail is phenomenal and every case has a two-tone appearance as the 3D indents take on a darker shade. The front cover also has a piece of pewter that’s hand crafted by Oberon, it functions with a bungee cord to seal the case shut.

On the inside of the case, there’s a few things going on. The inside is mainly covered in leather aside from a fabric portion on the inside of the cover. There’s one noticeable card pocket and then there’s a large (hidden) pocket on both sides of the inner spine. Both of these pockets have a reinforced insert which can be removed to save a bit of weight and thickness. The thick leather is most definitely protective enough without the inserts.

iPad slips into two bottom corner straps and secured in with two top corners of bungee cord. It’s easy to pop iPad in and it stays very secure. All ports and buttons are easily accessible. iPad might have to be situated perfectly so the camera hole doesn’t obstruct the camera’s field of vision. The Oberon uses a long cable and a leather flap to provide an upright stand for watching movies or facetiming on iPad Mini. It’s quick and easy and the angle can even be adjusted slightly.

The Oberon case is a bit taller and wider than iPad Mini on all sides, this keeps it very protected. It’s probably one of the most protective portfolio cases we’ve ever used with iPad. It’s definitely the most intricate. If you’re looking for something more unique than a typical iPad portfolio case, something with some personality and old fashion hand-crafted design, then look no further. At $69.50, it’s almost half of the price of the iPad 2 and iPad 3 models we reviewed. The Oberon Design Van Gogh Boats iPad Mini case is available in sky blue, navy, and walnut (pictured). There’s 25 other iconic designs available for iPad Mini in a variety of different colors.

The Good: Intricate, Iconic Designs, Colors, Built-in Stand, Highly Protective, Easy to Use, Reinforced inserts can be removed, Pockets, Easy Seal
The Bad: No Magnetic Lock, Camera hole can obstruct photographs