STM Skinny Case for iPad Mini Review

STM goes skinny for mini, and doesn’t skimp out on the features. STM’s new Skinny Case for iPad Mini is an adaptation from their full sized model. It features a sleek design, superb protection, magnetic auto-wake smart cover, and very sturdy multi-angle stand.

The STM Skinny is a portfolio case with a form fitting plastic shell attached to a magnetic Smart Cover that doubles as a stand. The exterior of the case is covered in a bright nylon micro ripstop fabric that’s water resistant. iPad snaps right into a perfectly sized shell with perfectly sized cutouts. The inside cover is made of a soft microfiber.

The Skinny has a magnetic auto-lock cover that turns iPad’s screen on when opened and locks it when closed. It works quite well. The magnetic cover doesn’t function as a seal, rather the Skinny uses a tab that tucks into a pocket on the back of the case. This seal actually helps provide the Skinny with one of the sturdiest stands out there. When the cover is folded behind iPad and the tab slides into the pocket, the Skinny is ready to be stood upright in landscape mode, or at a good typing angle. The seal makes the stand less likely to topple, which is comforting.

The STM Skinny is so close to perfect but not quite. Firstly, my cover slightly stained within the first week (maybe from grease?). It’s not extremely noticeable, but it’s worth noting. Otherwise, the cover feels extremely durable. Secondly, the seal tab on the front is a bit of a hassle; it’s very stiff and takes some effort to get it into the tight pocket. It’s not a huge deal, but I’m used to popping iPad’s case right open, and this requires some a bit of effort. Lastly, this isn’t a personal gripe, but it could bother some people: the Skinny’s cover doesn’t fold flat completely behind the case, there’s a fold that juts out. If you were to lay it down, the Skinny would be slightly angled for a good landscape typing angle. It also makes for a good grip when holding the skinny case. If you wanted to lay iPad down flat, you can’t do so with the cover folded behind.

So all-in-all the STM Skinny case for iPad Mini is a very practical case, it’s sleek, attractive, protective, durable, and has excellent stands. Even though my model stained slightly, the nylon ripstop finish looks great. The blue color is bright and seriously pops. STM also makes the Skinny in berry red, black, or pink. It’s currently available for $35 from Amazon.

The Good: Great stand – very sturdy, Good form, Accessible ports and buttons, Magnetic auto-lock smart cover, Protective, Colors
The Bad: Picked up slight stain early on, Front cover seal/tab is stiff to remove and open the case

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