TARDIS Engagement Ring Box Could Warm a Dalek’s Heart

You (hopefully) only get engaged once – might as well do it right. For Doctor Who fans, doing it right has just been definitively established by custom designer Paul Pape.

Pape designs custom collectibles based on what his customers want – in this case, one customer wanted an engagement ring box in the form of the TARDIS. The result was something that would warm even a Dalek’s heart. A compartment slides up from the bottom, revealing the ring – after the light up top gets lit, of course. Who wants a ring when you can get a ring from the future, after all?

As nice as the TARDIS job is, his other works (including a Big Daddy from Bioshock) are no less impressive. If you want your own custom engagement ring box, it’ll cost you between $300 and $800, depending on how complex the job is. The only question is how much time it will take for someone to put in an order for a Star Trek: The Next Generation-era Enterprise engagement ring box… for obvious reasons.