Equalizer iPhone 5 Case is a Party in Your Pocket

iequalizerJust when you thought iPhone 5 accessories couldn’t get anymore bizarre – the Equalizer case makes it debut. This new iPhone 5 hard case displays an equalizer light show for users as you listen to your tunes.


Each equalizer bar will pulsate in tandem with the music or any background noise.  There also seems to be a portion of the case that is dedicated to grabbing those sonics. In addition, it looks like the effects of the case works best in complete darkness. So light, slim, and practical this case is not.  The case is also powered by two batteries and from the looks of the picture, can be toggled on or off. So you won’t look like a complete idiot in conference meetings. However, you’ll be the coolest guy or gal at the bar once you get this baby pulsating to the music surrounding you.

Yes, ladies and gentleman we have entered a whole new realm of iPhone cases. Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more ridiculous iPhone case to be made, here comes another one.

So go ahead and get this case and bring a lot of attention to yourself. Not only will you be carrying a party in your pocket, but also a big bulls-eye for those unsavory characters. The Equalizer iPhone 5 Hard Case is available for pre-order now.



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