Jabra Speak 510 Series Review

The Jabra Speak 510 is a portable Bluetooth speakerphone designed for the mobile professional. This wireless accessory is designed to make it easier for users to have conference calls on the go – that includes whether they are in the board room, or in a hotel room.

The goal of the Jabra Speak 510 is to provide users with exceptional sound quality, for a clearer sounding and more natural sounding call. Do you often have conference calls where the people on the other end can’t hear you clearly? Or perhaps you can’t hear them very well? Well the Jabra Speak 510 is designed to improve the communication experience on conference calls and Skype chats.

Paring the Jabra Speak via bluetooth is easy. We tried pairing it with our smartphone for hands-free calls. We also tried connecting it to our Mac for Skype calls via USB, although it can also pair to your PC via bluetooth. The 510 has a voice cue system to let you know when the device is successfully paired or disconnected.

Jabra includes a convenient carrying case for the 510 in the box, a USB cable, and a USB BT adapter is also included. The USB cable is designed to wrap neatly around the site of the device. The device itself is portable enough to throw in a bag without weighing it down much, and it is certainly a lot smaller than the conference machines you’ll find in most board rooms. Fortunately, it’s also a lot more affordable.
The device sports a set of touch sensitive buttons for answering and ending a call, and you simply tap to adjust the volume. There is also a dedicated mute button and a battery indicator button. It’s also worth mentioning that you can use the device to transfer your call to a paired Bluetooth headset

Skype and similar VoIP apps have become a common way to communicate in the business world, and fortunately, the Jabra SPEAK 510 is optimized for Skype and VoIP. To that effect, we found using it to be a much superior solution to just using the built-in mic on our laptop. With the Jabra Speak 510 we could walk around hotel room and have clear conversations with others. Otherwise, we would ordinarily have to be in close proximity to our laptop’s mic. Overall, as a hands-free / speakerphone device for our phone and VoIP apps, the 510 offers a much louder and less straining conversation

Thanks to wide-band audio and the built-in omni-directional microphone, everyone sitting around the speakerphone can hear and be heard clearly. To that effect, the Jabra Speak 510 has also proved to be a great took for conference calls. One of our editors is located on the west coast, and we often call them and use our phone’s speakerphone to talk to them. We often end up giving up on using speakerphone because they say that they can’t hear us. Fortunately, this has not been the case while using the Jabra Speak 510. We’re now able to have a conference call with them where they aren’t straining to understand what we’re saying.


The Jabra Speak 510 speakerphone is supposed to be about taking audio conferencing to a new level, and it succeeds in doing just that, by making conference calls louder and clearer, with less strain involved for all those involved. The device is also easy to use with a sleek 360 degree design that will fit into just about every environment.

All in all, we think that the Jabra 510 is a very useful tool for mobile professionals who are on the go a lot. That said, it even has a place to be a stationary tool in the board room, or on your desk. The Jabra Speak 510 retails for $149.

The Good: Sophisticated and sleek design with touch buttons, portable and compact, gets very loud, affordable in comparison to most other conference systems, comes with carrying case, easy pairing with voice feedback

The Bad: Not really suitable for larger conference calls with more than a few people

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