Monster Unveils One-of-a-Kind $30,000 Diamond Tears Headphones at Harrods

If you thought spending an average of $250 on high-end headphones was a lot, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Monster has just unveiled the headphones to shame all other headphones – the one-of-a-kind Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition Headphone. This latest pair of audio candy will be exclusively sold in Harrods of London to the tune of £20,000 ($30,000).

While Monster has a knack for often charging high prices for their merchandise – $30,000 seems a bit extreme even for their standards. So what makes this pair of headphones so special that it requires that many pounds?  The Sally Sohn, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind Diamond Tears features a spider hugging the ear cup that sports black diamonds totaling 5.56 carats as well as 18k gold on the headphone’s headband and ear cups. Sohn is no stranger to creating one of a kind pieces. Often her jewelry is an example of her travels around the world and exotic gems she comes across.

Overall, the Diamond Tears headphones is pretty much the same, except for the spider and is certainly Harrods worthy given the store’s knack for selling overpriced, yet unique wares. The Sally Sohn Edition Headphone is certainly a testament to Monster’s devotion of fusing fashion and technology.  You will just need to cry real diamond tears in order to pay for it!