V-Moda Vamp Verza Turns Your Smartphone Into an Audio Beast [Hands-On]

V-Moda has just announced their next generation of portable amp technology – the V-Moda Vamp Verza. We were very fond of the original Vamp, but as with all technology, that case/amp quickly became outdated. Especially with the debut of the iPhone 5 and it’s new lightning port. We were very excited to get a sneak peek of the new Verza last week and we have to say…it will knock your socks off.

The Vamp Verza, a hefty and powerful headphone amp will turn your iPhone and wait for it….your Android Smartphone into an audio beast. The Verza itself is probably thicker than your phone, but there is a portable option available – the Metallo cases, which will attach to both your phone and the Verza, and will be available for the iPhone 5, Note II, Galaxy S III, and the to-be-announced-imminently Galaxy S IV.

So, what does this brick actually do? A lot, as it turns out. It’s a mobile hi-fi center, providing a 150mW (130mW for iOS) x 2 headphone amplifier and two digital-to-analog converters (one for USB, one for iOS). There’s also a healthy 2200 mAh external battery, which probably contributes a lot to that heft, too. That battery can also be used as an external battery pack. You’ll be able to use it with any device – you can attach it via USB, Micro USB, or 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Other features include a high/low gain switch and three audio modes – pure audio, 3D (for car stereos), and bass enhancer, which is exclusive to iOS.

For all the audio technology crammed into this thing, it does manage to keep a relatively low profile, even if a smartphone with this attached will look a little funny in your pocket (or might not fit). You can expect to see the Vamp Verza soon for $598 (or on V-Moda’s online store now), in matte black, red and black, and orange and white. You can pre-order a Metallo case here for $101.