Kickstarter Campaign Makes Veronica Mars Movie a Reality

Most of us have been through it – a beloved television show cut down it its prime. For many, that was Veronica Mars, which ran for three seasons before getting axed in 2007. The ratings weren’t there, but the passion on the part of creators, actors, and fans alike was never wanting. That much is clear from the biggest and one of the fastest successful Kickstarters ever.

Thanks to Kristen Bell’s love of the character and renewed interest thanks in no small part to fledgling cable channel Soap Net, we, Veronica Mars fans can thank the lords for this campaign.

I’d say if you were a fan of the show, you should contribute to make sure the movie gets made, but the funding goal – all $2 million of it – was reached in 12 hours yesterday. The creator of the show, Rob Thomas, is still encouraging more donations – the more cash they have, the bigger and better they can make the now-upcoming Veronica Mars movie.

The movie will take place in the present, so as much time will have passed in the show’s world as has passed in real life. That will put the movie around Veronica’s 10-year high school reunion, which will feature her coming back to Neptune after being away from the city and detective work for a while. Kristen Bell and most of the other major cast members are already on board, and now that the Kickstarter is funded, pre-production is underway, with filming to take place this summer ahead of a scheduled 2014 release.

Most of the rewards are already long gone, besides the low-cost unlimited ones. You can still get a personalized voice-mail greeting from someone on the show not named Kristen Bell (that reward is long gone) or a signed movie poster, but with the way things are going, you’ll probably want to get on that pretty soon.  In any case, just to see Logan and Veronica together again, along with the rest of the VM crew is well worth the wait and closure we all needed these past few years.