Beets Headphones Delivers Sound the Way the Farmer Originally Intended

113You know you want them and OrigAudio is making sure you get your very own pair of Beets headphones! Oh? Did you think we meant those…oh no, no, no, these headphones are spelled like the beet vegetable. Confused? Yeah so were we…in fact, if it wasn’t April 8th, I would think this was an April Fools’ joke. We even tested the shopping cart just to be sure.


Alas, they are very real –  super cheap looking but real.  These clunky headphones come in 6 different colors, offers outside noise reduction, no in-line remote but you get a travel case. What really puts these headphones over the top is the fact it has a graphic of a beet on the ear cups. Because you can’t have a pair beets headphones without putting a beet on it, can you?? I can only imagine what they sound like for $25. Thankfully, it isn’t that much of an investment if it sucks.

All the silliness aside, these headphones actually give back instead of emptying your wallet. With every pair of Beets pair of headphones you purchase, a donation will be made to a local food bank. Now that’s a pair of ‘b’ labeled headphones we can get behind.


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