DiaNoche Designs is Wall Art by Day, and Illuminated Art by Night

Home-Page 350x450-1Serving double duty is always a plus, so these DiaNoche artworks are something everyone can probably get behind.

There’s nothing wrong with art for art’s sake, but if you can have your next piece double as a nightlight, why not? DiaNoche has a stable of artists producing paintings in a variety of categories that you can browse. Each one has a backlight behind the canvas, with a cord that can be plugged into a standard electric outlet. Flip the switch, and you’ve got one of the prettiest nightlights you’ll ever lay eyes on.

All the pieces from DiaNoche Designs are available in 14” x 11”, 20” x 16”, 30” x 23”, and 38” x 29” sizes. Prices start at $149, and go up by $100 for each size increase. Hey, if you have the choice between that grungy old lamp in the living room and a beach scene, I guess the choice is pretty obvious, right?