Gumdrop Drop Tech Series for iPhone 5 Review

So you’re looking for the ultimate iPhone 5 protection? Something that can withstand regular drops and exposure to harsh conditions? Fear not! The Drop Tech Series is an extremely rugged iPhone 5 case with both style and usability.

The Drop Tech Series case for iPhone 5 features a built in screen protector, rubberized button overlays, reinforced rubber corners, port covers, and a shock absorbent dual material construction. We reviewed the Drop Tech for iPad Mini and it’s quite similar in design and functionality. The back is also covered in the same rubbery 3D brick-like pattern.

Considering the amount of protection the Drop Tech Series offers, it’s actually pretty easy to insert and remove iPhone. There’s a polycarbonate frame that simply pops over iPhone’s face. The frame itself is probably more protective than most iPhone cases as it’s deeper than iPhone and protected on all sides and corners. The exterior jelly silicone portion of the case is stretched over the back of iPhone and snapped into the sides of the frame. It’s a perfect fit that feels sturdy and secure.

The Drop Tech Series definitely adds some heft to your iPhone, but for good reason. It’s heavier and chunkier than average but feels great in-hand. It looks and feels a lot nicer than the Otterbox. The grip is amazing, but it makes it harder to take out of your pocket. The two-tone color design has a fun and sporty look to it. The screen protector is smooth and good about fingerprints. It may require a tad more pressure for touch to register, however. The vibrate toggle is a little tricky to access and the charging and headphone port are a bit inconvenient to access, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t quickly get used to.

If you need above average protection for iPhone 5 then your only choice is making your device chunkier and heavier, you might as well do it in style with the Gumdrop Drop Tech Series case. It’s shock absorbent with drop protection and a fun design that looks as good as it feels. We reviewed the orange and blue model which, oddly, isn’t currently available on the Gumdrop website. If you scour Amazon you’ll see there’s actually a variety of fun and wacky Drop Tech Series color schemes. The Drop Tech Series for iPhone 5 is regularly $44.95, but you might be able to pick one up for the ripe price of $20.97.

The Good: Durable, very protective, easy to insert and remove, usable, neat design, fun color options, good grip and comfortable

The Bad: Heavy and bulky. Have to apply a little extra pressure to register touch. Can be tricky to register touch on sides of screen. Hard to get out of pocket and  hard to access vibrate toggle.