Spring Forward with a New PC! Win an Asus TAICHI Ultrabook

Spring is in the air, and that means that it’s time for a good spring cleaning. But it’s not just your closet that could use a good cleaning, but perhaps your technology too. And for some, that just might mean getting a new PC. Not sure if it’s time for an upgrade? You might want to ask yourself these questions – Do you down a cup of coffee in the time it takes to boot up your PC in the morning? Do you spend minutes watching the status bar inch its way to 100 percent or stare at the hourglass while your PC struggles to download a movie? Are you hauling your charger everywhere because your PC won’t hold a charge for more than an hour at a time? If you said yes to any of those answers, you’re not alone. Around the world, people are complaining about their old devices. As a matter of fact, Intel found that more than 300 million computers around the world are over 4-years-old, including one third of U.S. PCs, and 65% of these older PCs are actually desktop PCs.  And these are the most common pain points:

  • 39 percent say their 4-year-old PC is outdated.
  • 36 percent say their 4-year-old PC freezes when running too many applications.
  • 33 percent their old PC takes too long to boot up.
  • 28 percent say their old PC is too slow for their needs.

One thing is for sure, and that is that a ton of advancements have happened in the world of PCs over the past 4 years. Compared to 4 years ago, PCs are cheaper ($200 less), faster (edit and share an HD video in 2 minutes or less compared to an hour on an older device), sleeker (average PC now weight 3 pounds vs. 7.3 pounds), and now come in a variety of different form factors including the sleek Ultrabook. And over the past few years, Intel’s advancements in processor technology have introduced many Ultrabooks with fun form-factors, including the dual display Asus TAICHI convertible Ultrabook.

We’re giving away the Asus TAICHI here, and there are several ways to enter to win. But if you submit a photo which shows why you need to “refresh” your old laptop or desktop PC. – This will get you the most entry points!
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  1. Mine does everything you say above, Freezes up, runs too slow and takes forever to boot up. Also doesn’t have touch or Windows 8. This would be so amazing to win! Thank you for the chance!

  2. My laptop needs refreshed because I have done work to it myself after a having a virus and it will never the same after I did that lol but hell atleast i have it in working order again.

  3. The desktop I have is about 7 years old and moves so sloooowww. I really need to refresh this desktop to save my sanity from this snail of a computer. Thanks so much.

  4. My current desktop is a fossil. I swear it was probably hand built by Thomas Edison himself. Slow start up, pages not loading properly etc, etc. This computer needs the “Office Space” treatment something fierce. I’ve got a baseball bat so…the ball is now in your court.

  5. My computer isn’t mine I share it with the rest of my family and would like my own also my computer doesn’t keep charge for long and it’s really old and in need of an upgrade

  6. My desktop is only 4 years old but it takes 5 to to min to boot. Today it froze, I had to hard boot it, it rebooted, wouldn’t recognize my mouse, I had the use my keyboard to log out, and it uptime tally made me late for school. I start college in the fall and need a new light laptop.

  7. If I was my laptop I was waiting to boot I would take of a reading assignment and start it because my laptop would take 8 to 15 mi to boot Vista. This was miserable so I spent $250 on a solid state hybrid drive, 4gb of ddr2 ram, and Windows 8 pro. My laptop now boots is 15 seconds max. Although it has some new problems. The display died 2 days after the upgrades and if I unplug my “portable” dies instantly. It needs an $175 display panel and a $150 battery and who knows what will die next. I need a new laptop for college in the fall.

  8. This happened to my laptop two days after I installed windows 8, 4 gb of ra,, and a solid state hybrid drive. I spent $250 on parts and software. Now my 7 year old Paton needs a $175 display panel and a $150 battery. If you unplug it it instantly dies. My laptop is 17.3 inched and weighs over 8 pounds. I need a new, fast, and functional laptop for college in the fall. Please.

  9. I need to refresh my desktop because it is close to death. If my desktop were human they would be calling a priest for last rites. It doesnt stay on long enough to even snap a pic!

  10. I need to refresh my laptop because it has Windows XP on it which is going out of support.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  11. I need to refresh my current laptop because I’ve completely worn out its finish (where I’ve rested my hands for the past 7 years!). Also, the screen connection buzzes and sometimes sparks. I can’t imagine what’s lurking under the keyboard… O.O

  12. Why you need to “refresh” your old laptop or desktop PC?

    1. Three operating systems behind the current OS.

    2. Stuck keys.

    3. Optical disc drive is sometimes operational.

  13. My laptop could use a refresh because it’s getting old and cranky and believes I push it beyond its capabilities (which I do!)

  14. I need to refresh my laptop because I’ve worn it out. It runs quite slow and some of the keys don’t always work when they’re pushed. In addition, one key pad keeps falling off.

  15. I need a new laptop for school and gaming mine overheats and shuts off an is like 8-9 years old and really doesn’t run well at all. This would be great to win! thanks for the chance!

    Twitter: @volcombrandon

    Facebook: Brandon Dithrich

  16. i usually get something to drink when i wait for my pc to start up and it takes forever

  17. I need to refresh my computer because it is running Windows XP which is going out of support.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  18. To be honest my laptop is about 5 years old if not older. It takes forever to boot up and it only goes so fast. Plus I don’t have a lot of memory space left.

  19. I desperately need a new laptop because mine is old, boots up like forever, and it couldn’t play games. it gets hot easily rrrr. while waiting i just stare at it, or have breakfast 🙂

  20. See this keyboard? It came with the computer. As you can see I have had it a long time, the letters are starting to wear off. My computer is so old and out of date I cannot play streaming video on it and have to wait forever for a page to load. No room left to upgrade

  21. I need to refresh my pc to a laptop or something portable first and foremost, I am sick of being stuck in a chair and not being able to take it with me. Plus I am sick of slow, soooo slow, it’s tearing out my hair in frustration slow

  22. My laptop suffers from all 3 symptoms that the first poster show and that is why I need a refresh.

  23. my laptop drown 5 years ago. it met its fate during a wine spill. so tragic. it was only 6 months old! it turns on for a few minutes and the overheats and shuts off. a new one would be great.

  24. as you can see from the dust on my laptop bag..i havent used it in a long time. its been out of commission for quite a long time. i miss it and if you can refresh this, it would be a miracle!

  25. My laptop freezes up every so often, gets very hot, graphics is too outdated, and when streaming; videos start to get black pixels from encoding issues. Need an updated tablet laptop with the latest stylus functionality. I use Soluto on my laptop so i just sit and watch the counter go past the estimated count down. This laptop is a must need to use in school as well as photo editing on the side. Please let me win!

  26. I need a refreshed and new laptop b/c my old computer barely works, freezes about once a week

  27. I need to ‘refresh’ my old laptop because it’s a really old P2 laptop, can’t really do much with that nowadays.

  28. i need to refresh my laptop because it runs like a pc from the 90s thats how slow it is

  29. my mom is the one who needs a new computer. this would be perfect for her. She totally needs a refreshed fast machine

  30. my computer is old and is very very slow! I just started working so i could use a reliable computer

  31. I need to “refresh” my desktop PC because the mouse just seems to lock up at random times for about 5 to 10 seconds, and I can’t move it at all. It’s quite annoying. :-/

  32. Here is a picture of my sad little computer. Look at the size of that adapter. I run on windows 7. How sad. 🙁

  33. I dropped my laptop and now the battery won’t work. It’s 5 years old.

    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  34. My old computer is over 5 years old and it’s starting to crash and running very slow. Also, can’t wait to try the new Windows 8 !

  35. My laptop is the cheapest one I could find at the time. I didn’t have the money and still don’t to buy a really nice one. lol Thank you!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  36. I need to refresh my desktop because it is three years old and takes so long to reboot I just want to put the boot to it. I would love the portability and functionality of a new laptop, I could experience what it is like to log on in the great outdoors!

  37. i need to refresh my laptop because the keys are falling off and the space bar is jammed and the hard drive is crashed.

  38. I have to laugh–I’m not able to post a picture because I don’t even own a laptop! Sure hoping to win one soon.

  39. My mini laptop was stepped on 2 years ago by paramedics after I was severely burned,they broke the screen and keyboard,so now it is hooked to externals and runs bad!!!Sorry, I also have a lousy camera on my phone. Best I could do, mini sits on its side so air can get to it next to my monitor. First new computer I ever had, son had bought it for my birthday and 2 months later I was burned and it was on my bed, the paramedics placed it on the floor, I have a very small room and so crowded with paramedics, they just trampled it 🙁

  40. I don’t need to refresh it, I need a new one, as explained in my other post, it freezes, shuts down by itself, some programs I cant even install, its awful 🙁

  41. Need to refresh because on Battlefield 3 and Batman my room temp gets up by 5°C and my PC gets really loud.

  42. While waiting for my PC to start, I usually take and clean my eyeglasses, and that’s the primary reason why I think my eyeglasses lasts more than its average lifespan, LOL!

  43. I know it’s unfair to post a picture of a laptop that’s not the one I primarily use, but I think this is the one that’ll make me win this awesome giveaway, LOL! But seriously, this is an old Dell Inspiron model that, believe it or not, still works and I still am using as a secondary laptop. It previously ran Windows XP, but I changed it to the Zenwalk distro of Linux for me to remain sane while working on its 256MB RAM! If I win this giveaway, I’ll be able to finally let this loyal friend go to retirement and have my current main laptop be his successor. Count me in!

  44. I need to refresh my laptop because 30 minutes afters using it the piece of junk over heats.

  45. My laptop currently has multiple cracks within the screen where the blackness is taking over the screen and it covers the screen more and more, I soon won’t be able to use this, but it is my only access at the moment, can’t get another one. This is the attached image showing this.

  46. I go make my coffee while I’m waiting for the startup 🙂 and then I have to reboot periodically through the day when the computer is so slow, it helps speed it up again

  47. I start cooking Thanksgiving dinner while I wait for my computer to boot up. I get started in May so I can be sure that my pc will be ready to go by the time the family finishes eating dinner 7 months later.

  48. My PC needs a refresh because it has dust in it from Ancient Greece and I’m almost positive that my roommate used it on the toilet so I need a shower after typing this.

  49. I’ll tell you why I need to refresh my old laptop, because it’s an absolutely old, hand-me down, hand-me down MacBook from my two older siblings is absolutely terrible. The battery is dead and I don’t wanna pay $150 to get a new battery, so I gotta leave it’s MagSafe plugged in (TAPED to the side) of the laptop so it doesn’t suddenly fall off and ruin everything I’m typing.

    It’s got cracks just about everywhere, and some of the number keys don’t even work because of dirt/coffee damage that I need to use an onscreen keyboard thingy just to type #s out. There’s no SD card slot and thing can barely run a browser without crashing. The hard drive also makes a weird scratching sound, which I presume means it’s about to die.

    I need a new laptop because this one is like 7 yrs old or something!! Help me CC! Love you guys!

  50. I have an older laptop that is so slow and needs updating. I could use a new computer.

  51. Because my desktop is over 9 years old and each day I’m fixing one new problem after another.

  52. I could write my memoirs in the time it took my laptop to start up- before my house got broken into. So, now I would be grateful to have even that dinosaur back. 🙁

  53. I need to refresh my laptop, because it is very heavy and weighs about 10 pounds. It is an older one

  54. When waiting for my pc to start up in the morning, I usually make breakfast and get something to drink. Its loaded by the time I am done.

  55. I can’t load the newest add-ons to my photoshop due to the oldness of my desktop. Love it, but at 8 years old, it really needs an upgrade.

  56. When the power goes out or an update forces a restart, I am able to get the kids ready and off to school before using my computer.

  57. i need to refresh my old computer because it’s slow and i would get so much more done with this new asus ultrabook!

  58. I turn on the desktop and while I wait for it to start up I grab a glass of water and a snack!

  59. My PC died and I’m using a 10 yr old HP right now that can not be turned off or it takes setting back to factory, if the power goes off I’m screwed.

  60. i dont even have a laptop, i just have a desktop and that has started shutting off by itself so i could really use this

  61. My computer is in the room next to the kitchen so I usually go and do a few dishes while I wait for the computer to boot up or load pages.

  62. I need a serious refresh because my current laptop has buttons that are missing and my right click doesn’t work either! I am also going back to school in the fall so a new computer will make school ALOT easier! Thanks 🙂

  63. My Pc just recently started making some horrible sounds so i took the side panel off and dusted it. then 2 days later it started smoking and died. now I have an old laptop I am using.

  64. My laptop is takes for ever to boot up and the battery lasts only an hour! Oh and it gets so hot sometimes it burns my thigh-wth right? I am in desperate need of a refresh!

  65. I use my computer for work, and have had it almost 4 years. It gets a lot of wear and tear, and also with all the consistent upgrading of products at our work, i could use something a little faster


  66. my poor laptop has suffered years of my abuse – spilling stuff on it and not updating when i should – now its starting to not work as it did in its youth

  67. My mini often acts like a ninny. Windows Starter makes simple tasks even harder! As I took this picture, the battery inexplicably died without warning!