Lexus Shows Off LF-LC Hybrid 2+2 Coupe at Design Matters Event

Lexus is a luxury brand. Just in case you forgot, Lexus took care to drive the point home during their Design Matters show last week in New York, featuring high-concept cars and top examples of design from all around the world.

A couple of Lexus’ highly-touted concepts – the LF-LC hybrid 2+2 coupe and the LF-CC – along with the IS sports sedan took center stage, backed up by several new initiatives to celebrate design worldwide. Those don’t necessarily have anything to do with cars, either.

Intersect by Lexus will be what sounds a little like an art gallery. The first one will open in Tokyo this summer, with two more planned in New York City and Dubai. The galleries will display art in all kinds of media that is deemed to fit with Lexus’ design aesthetic, along with a few retail items under the umbrella of “Crafted for Lexus.” Items in the Crafted for Lexus line will be commissioned by the company and made by top Japanese artists. Why? Beats me, but if the results look cool, so be it.

They’re not stopping there. There will be a biannual magazine, called Beyond by Lexus, which will showcase upcoming Lexus models while publishing features about travel, art, architecture, and, of course, design. Lexus will also be giving out the Lexus Design Award, and are giving unknown filmmakers around the world a shot with Lexus Short Films. In tandem with The Weinstein Company, the car company (this is a car company, right?) will commission filmmakers for short films with the theme “Life is Amazing,” all of which will be shown at film festivals and displayed on Lexus’ site.

Next time, Lexus might have to hold an event just to remind people that they actually still make cars.

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  1. This Journalist sure has a condescending attitude for the new LEXUS venture and theme “Life is amazing”. Great that LEXUS is researching and coming into the 21st Century with Fantastic ideas…..wish some of these ” novices of Journal ” had a bit of smarts to carry them into the next level of lifestyle—-really tired of seeing this kind of reaction to the NEW writing flair out there……It is not cute ! Where are the talented, up-to-date, knowledgeable Journalist today ??????? This is rampant in global media today…….. Keep up the great work though to LEXUS !

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