V-Moda METALLO Case Turns Your iPhone 5 into a Metal Masterpiece

metallo_iphone5_orange_square_wbg_web__00393.1363840919.1280.1280We took a look at the V-Moda Vamp Verza a little while back – a mobile hi-fi audio amp that can piggyback on an iPhone or Android smartphone. Part of that deal was the Metallo case, an aluminum shell that can double as a docking station for the Vamp Verza.

That Metallo case is available now as a separate piece, for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 (the S4 model is still in the works). As far as cases go, this one is a little unique – it’s made from a single piece of aluminum, with an interchangeable back plate that you can slide on to lock everything in place. I’m not sure about the shock absorbency of aluminum, but it’s a pretty cool-looking case nonetheless.

The V-Moda Metallo cases are available in red, orange, silver, and black. You can get one directly from the V-Moda online store for $101.

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