Case Scenario’s Pantone Universe iPad Mini Case Review

Pantone is taking over the world one Apple device at a time, thanks to Case Scenario. Pantone is the “authority on color” while Case Scenario is a top notch case manufacturer that’s earned our affection earlier this year with their Pantone iPhone 5 case. Already there’s Pantone Macbook, iPhone, and iPad cases, and here we are reviewing their iPad Mini case.

The Pantone iPad Mini Case is a sharp looking case. Like their other cases, it’s designed to look like a color swatch straight out of the Pantone Universe. It proudly displays the brand, the color code, and the name of the color on the front cover of the case.

The case has a matte soft finish. This was a bit of a surprise considering the iPhone case was the complete opposite (hard and glossy). The soft finish is soft to the touch and comfortable to hold. iPad locks into the inner protective tray by velcro. Once it’s locked in, it’s easy to access and decently protected.

Other than its distinct design, the most notable features of the Pantone iPad Mini case is its magnetic auto-lock smart cover and multi-angle stand mode. Both work very well. The screen turns on and off when opening and closing the cover, every time. There’s two dedicated stand presets which ensure a sturdy prop-up, but the inside of the case is grippy enough that iPad can easily be propped up at more upright angles.

The Pantone iPad Mini case is a tad thicker and heavier than your average iPad Mini case, which is mainly due to the extra protection it provides. Though it’s very well cushioned, there’s some odd design choices that leave the corners of iPad exposed and susceptible to damage. This design choice actually looks pretty snazzy, and it also offers superb access to all of iPad’s ports and buttons.

The Pantone Universe Bookcase for iPad is available in Green Flash (15-0146), Azalea Pink (16-2126), 19-1663 (red), 15-4101 (grey) and 19-3939 (blue) – for $70 at Fred Segal, Ron Robinson and Nordstrom. That said, you can find the Tap Shoe (black with white, Pantone code 19-4004) or Scarlet Sage (red with white, Pantone code 19-1559) directly available at Case Scenario’s own site. Overall, if you fancy yourself as an artist or someone who appreciates beautiful design, the Pantone iPad Mini is a fun case to proudly show off. However, for $70, it’s unfortunately on the pricier side of iPad cases and way more expensive than we would like it to be.

The Good: Iconic design, Comfortable to use, Great access to ports, Lots of upright standing options, Built-in magnetic smart cover
The Bad: Thicker/Heavier than average iPad Mini Case, Exposed corners, No stand for typing angle, expensive