Dyson DC47 Animal Delivers Big Cleaning Power in a Small Body [Review]

How is it possible to create magic in such a small device? The Dyson DC47 Animal is the latest cylinder vacuum that is so powerful, you’ll be shocked that this machine isn’t bigger than it is. Compact and extremely versatile – the DC47 manages to clean your entire home, fit in the nook of your closet, and pack a wallop of suctioning power.

In The Box:

  • DC47 Animal
  • 1 Tangle-free Turbine Tool
  • Crevice Tool, fabric tool, and bristle brush
  • Carbon fiber brush bar  

The DC47 is the first cylinder vacuum to sport 2 Tier Radial cyclones. What does that mean to you? It means extra suctioning power that grabs dust particles out of your carpet and off your floor within milliseconds. While I have tested my fair share of Dyson cylinder vacuums, the DC47 seems to have it all. The fact that it is mounted on a ball makes it a breeze to steer from room to room. As a matter of fact, even if I yank the cord or hose, the DC47 wont flop to its side. So getting around furniture and walls without slamming into corners and moldings, has never been so smooth.

The DC47 is all about maintaining a small footprint without sacrificing power. It is no wonder that Dyson continues to win engineering awards year after year. The DC47 is a pure example of how Dyson packs a powerful punch in a small condensed package. The power button is sleek and skinny along with the cord retraction button. One side of the ball houses one of two filters, that should be cleaned at least once a month. The dust bin of the DC47 can hold up to 0.15 gallons of dirt, and like with all previous Dyson dust bins – there are no bags that need to be replaced. There is just one more filter inside the dust bin that needs to be cleaned monthly as well.

It is nice to see that they have included the Tangle-free Turbine Tool with this latest model. The tool is perfect for really getting in deep and kneading out dirt from furniture and carpets. It is a handy tool that will work your muscles, but you will be super satisfied with the results. The other tools included are the crevice tools, bristle brush, and fabric tool – these are all standard accessories that are included with most Dyson Cylinder vacs. That said, they may not have all the bells and whistles of the other tools, but they still are important essentials that should be included with any vacuum.

Lastly, the included Carbon fiber brush bar is designed to work with both carpets, as well as hard floor surfaces. The design of this tool hasn’t changed all that much, it just works a hell of a lot better now with the extra shot of suctioning power from the DC47. The brush bar is tough on carpets, but also gentle enough for hard surfaces. Some may be put off by using a spinning brush on their hardwood floors, but the bristles are actually so soft that they won’t scruff even the gentlest of wood floors. My biggest gripe however, is that even though the brush bar does a fantastic on my high pile carpet, I am not really that impressed with how it functions on hard surfaces. It does a great job picking up the tiniest of dirt, but the fact that the head itself is pretty small, and its profile is not low enough to get under tight spots, is a bit disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, the Carbon fiber brush bar succeeds as a multi-tasker, but for hard flooring you just need a wider head to get better cleaning coverage. Thankfully, if you opt to purchase the Dyson hard floor tool, the additional cost is nominal in the grand scheme of things.


The Dyson DC47 Animal is really the only canister vacuum you will ever need. It offers extreme suctioning power, it is incredibly easy to maneuver, and has a small enough footprint to fit anywhere without looking cumbersome. All in all, the DC47 is not only mighty in power but also in design. Down to the finest details, the DC47 exhibits engineering greatness.  While I’m disappointed that a hard floor tool isn’t included, especially at this price range, the DC47 does make up for it in so many other ways. At the end of the day, if you haven’t owned a Dyson yet… this is the one to get. The Dyson DC47 Animal will retail for $449.99 and will be available soon.

The Good: Big power can come in small packages with the new 2 Tier Radial cyclones. Dyson once again is the champ when it comes to engineering and design.  Lightweight, easy to maneuver, and the included tools make this an all-in-one must have cylinder vacuum.

The Bad: Would have liked a hard floor tool. Might be a bit too noisy for some.