Evernote Food App Turns Your Tablet into a Masterchef

evernoteEvernote Food has been around for a little while on iOS, but it’s recently made its way over to Android, bringing a healthy upgrade with it – Evernote Food 2.0.

The app is a cookbook and timeline for the food-obsessed. You’ll be able to build your own cookbook through your own recipes, or through recipes found online and clipped to Evernote. Evernote and Evernote Food are linked, so any recipes saved in Evernote will automatically migrate over to your Evernote food cookbook. To make things even easier, you can browse a feed of many popular recipe websites right from the app, and clip what you like straight to your cookbook. If you want your cookbook to be a little more organized than a bunch of clippings everywhere (try to imagine what that would look like in its physical incarnation), you can tag each recipe by ingredients or type.

For the days when cooking is a no go, Evernote Food follows you around to restaurants, too. You can mark where you’ve eaten, and view all of your culinary exploits on an interactive map. If you use the app to its fullest, it can be a sort of timeline of your eating adventures. That’s done with My Meals, which puts all those photos in chronological order, along with side notes that you can write for each photo.

If you can’t think of what to eat, there’s a simple restaurant finder where you can browse by location or cuisine. It’s not the most robust option out there, but it’s a nice little extra to have in an already handy app, if you’re a food enthusiast. Making reservations from the app is possible using OpenTable.

Evernote Food 2.0 is available now for iOS and Android for free.