Experience Intel Brings the Latest Ultrabooks to Your City

Intel is taking their latest Ultrabooks on a tour around the world. Yesterday in New York, the company launched “Experience Intel. Look Inside” which gives consumers in 8 cities, access to their latest smartphones, tablets and laptops. Inside you’ll find the hottest and newest Intel powered devices, including Intel’s newest Ultrabook convertibles. We visited the experience in New York’s Gansevoort Plaza and noticed several hot Ultrabook Convertibles that aren’t even out yet.

But aside from showing off their latest toys, the “Experience Intel” tour is also playing host to unique presentations by well known artists, designers and thought leaders, which have been brought in to create customized, cutting-edge digital interactions. These installations range from being art inspired, to focused on data visualization and gaming. For example, one neat installation, created by Designer Matt Pyke of Universal, takes guests’ drawings and transforms them into a digital flock of “wings” projected on the interior walls of the installation. Of course, these digital interactions are all powered by an Ultrabook.

In addition, each city on the tour will host a Spotlight Series, which features live performances and demonstrations by local, personalities and experts from film, art, fashion, design, music, and more. So you never know who might show up in your city. Of-course, these personalities are somehow integrating Ultrabook technology into their work.

Experience Intel” tour runs through May 19th in New York City, and is open to the public, so there is still plenty of time to check it out for yourself. But if you do miss it in New York, over the next 6 months, there will be 7 other cities where you can catch up with it.

New York – May 17-19
Chicago – June 6-9
Tokyo – June 20-23
Beijing – July 11-14
London – July 11-14
Sao Paulo – Aug. 29-Sept. 1
Moscow – Sept. 6-8
Sydney – Oct. 10-13