Gangnam Style Gets Blinged to the Tune of $60K

psyWow, just wow! Just when we thought Gangnam Style was heading to the one-hit-wonder grave, some celebrity went ahead and commissioned their very own diamond studded PSY. Brillance.Com are the folks behind this ridiculously opulent pendant with 6.25ctw round and oval cut pave diamonds. That makes the total diamond count for this piece a whopping 636 pieces of wasted minerals! The details are finite and capture the famous horse dance that shot the infamous Korean artist to fame.

If this was costume jewelry, then I would feel less nauseated by the fact that someone actually dolled out $59,975 for this. Perhaps that is why Brillance declined to mention who in fact the ‘celebrity’ was who commissioned this indulgence. That said, I will give credit where credit is due by saying that, Brilliance did go over the top with the detail of their work. So if this piece of ‘jewelry’ does anything, it should encourage you to give the online jeweler a shot.