Holdaplate Was Designed for Cocktail Parties

slide4Find a problem, create a solution. That’s the essence of invention, at its most basic level. And, rarely is that on display more vividly than when someone finds a really, really specific problem – someone like the person behind Holdaplate.

Holdaplate’s problem takes place at the cocktail party. You have a drink. You have a small plate of food. You only have two hands. And, unfortunately, if this cocktail party is doubling as a professional meet and greet (again, really, really specific problem), the “‘Sup?” head nod is not an acceptable replacement for the handshake. Yet. I look forward to the day it is.

Long story short, you’ve got two hands that are occupied, and none to seal a new friendship with a handshake. The Holdaplate is a small snack plate that has a groove on one end, which you can use to hang on to the plate with just your index finger. This way, you can use the rest of your hand to hang onto your drink, and you don’t need to worry about plates with cup holes, which are subject to perilous dangle-age that can still result in spilled drinks. Plus, more importantly, your other hand is free.

In the spirit of getting down to basics, here it is – you can hold on to a plate, hold on to a drink, and shake someone’s hand, using only two hands. If that sounds like something you need, you can order a set of six for yourself for $10. That set is made from polypropylene, a kind of plastic. On May 23, you’ll be able to buy a set of six made of melamine, a thick plastic that resembles ceramic, for $20. Holdaplate will be available in many more materials will be coming after that, including paper, bamboo, glass, porcelain, and stainless steel.