Has Koss Made the Perfect In-Ear Headphones for Ladies?

Well, lets put it this way – they certainly hope so, especially since they consulted a woman – specifically Olympian Dana Torres, to design this new line of Fit Series Headphones. Koss labels these headphones as “Designed for women, by women”. So what makes this series of headphones particularly feminine? Well, both the FitBuds and FitClips are available in an assortment of colors. That isn’t really out of the box now is it? However, they do feature a lovely lady on the packaging (Dana Torres). Dana aside, there is nothing particularly super feminine about the packaging either, since ladies have been featured on product packaging for years.

But what sets these headphones apart are the smaller ear cushions that are included in the packaging, as well as an in-ear ported design that is supposed to better compliment a woman’s ear.  While men tend to have larger ear canals, some of us ladies seem to suffer from ‘smaller ear canal syndrome.’ This renders us unable to listen to those much more masculine in-ear headphones. So thank you Koss for helping us, because perhaps we could never have figured it out without you and the support of the women who designed these for women.

Sarcastic tone aside, the FitClips that were tested for this piece, feature an ear bud and clip that loops around the backside of your ear for a tight hold. Included in the package, are only three silicone ear cushions. The women who designed these headphones must REALLY know how small our canals are to only include three tips. To their credit, the overall construction of the headphones are very light, but also cheap feeling.

Unfortunately for me, I suffer from ‘smaller ear canal syndrome’ AND ‘small helix syndrome’. To that effect, I couldn’t get the flexible clip part to stay behind my ear at all. Furthermore, the sound quality on the headphones are just OK and certainly nothing to write home about. I guess I shouldn’t expect much since these only cost $29.99. And believe me, they are priced right, because if they were anything more it would be highway robbery.

While I give Koss props for seeking out women to help design these headphones, including smaller ear tips is hardly groundbreaking. In fact, many audio companies are including multiple ear tip sizes because guess what – some men have small ear canals too!

Also, it would have been nice to have included some sort of in-line remote feature too – because women also  like to talk on their phones while wearing their headphones. Oh well – maybe next time.

In the end these are just budget headphones under the guise of being women oriented. I shudder to think what the focus groups involved in the making of these headphones must have been like. Because if this is what we got – ladies – we deserve a hell of a lot better. In any case, if you want to give the Koss Fit Series a shot – they are available for $29.99.

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