Logitech Eye Candy Color Collection Includes Tweet Tweet Mouse

Logitech is coming out with its own answer to Microsoft’s Artist Series of mobile mice with their Eye Candy collection. Logitech hasn’t named which artists and designers are behind these mice, but the neat artistry is still there. The Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 will get four different designs that are in the same vein as what Microsoft does, with their own unique aesthetic touches. Our favorite of the bunch is the “Tweet Tweet” design, which seems to be Twitter inspired.

The Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400, on the other hand, will get treated to three new bright colors – red velvet, midnight berry, and wild plum. The T400 series will also get one of the designs found on the M325 series. Logitech’s T400 mouse is one of its newest – it’s made specifically for Windows 8, and features a wide touch strip in the center, rather than a scroll wheel.

The M325 Eye Candy collection are selling for $30 each from Logitech’s online store, while the mice in the T400 collection are going for $50 each.