Michael Graves Design Toaster Makes Breakfast Feel Luxurious

toasterYes, a new toaster! I know you’re all excited now. You’re probably in need of one, anyway, it seems like these things only last a year before something goes janky with them.

Now you can get a toaster shaped like a loaf of bread. Which, no joke, makes this more stylish than virtually any toaster ever. Whether or not your toaster needs to be stylish, I’ll leave up to you. The functional part is a given – it’s a standard pop-up toaster, with two slots for pieces of toast. There are bagel, defrost, and reheat settings, too, along with a dial to adjust how toasted you want your bread. There’s a helpful bread indicator with the standard light-to-dark toast gradient above the dial, for visual confirmation that you’ll be getting your ideal piece of toast.

You can get the Michael Graves Design Toaster off the JC Penney online store for $60.