PureGear Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5 Review

PureGear’s Retro iPhone cases for iPhone 5 is perhaps the most fun series of cases we have come across yet, and that is no simple feat. That is because these three cases are not only inspired by old school retro gaming – but they are actual working games too!

PureGear has taken the tried and true smartphone case and really turned it up with this innovative design. There is the “Amazing” case that features a maze with a ball, and the challenge is to navigate the ball through the challenging maze from start to finish. Next, there is “Groovy”. The challenge with Groovy is to maneuver the balls until all of them are in the center at the same time. Finally, “Undecided” comes complete with a ball plunger and is designed to hold vertically and shoot the ball for answer to your “Yes” or “No” question. All in all, each one of these games are actually quite entertaining and will bring you back to days when gaming wasn’t digital.

But aside from having a neat playable game on the backside of the case, each of these cases are designed in fun bold colors. The cases themselves are also made of tough materials that will provide ample protection for your phone from drops and scruffs. The materials are quite strong and sturdy, and seem like they will last well. The frame of the case also extends pass the iPhone’s display, so that it’s able to provide display protection for your phone from front facing drops. Last but not least, PureGear has thrown in yet another nice design touch by including the name of the case on the inside of each case, along with a description of the actual game.

All in all, PureGear has blown us away with these Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5. Not only are they fun to play with, but they will also offer ample protection for your iPhone. Did we mention their fun bold coloring? Our only gripe with the cases is that they do add some heft and extra thickness to the sleek iPhone 5. Fortunately, they are so much fun, that the bit of extra heft is worth it. The Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5 retail for a very reasonable $29 each, and they are also available for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4.

The Good: Adorable designs with a playable game on the backside, Bold Colors, Offers ample protection for the iPhone, reasonably priced. When your smartphone battery dies, you can still entertain yourself!

The Bad: Adds some heft and thickness to the sleek iPhone 5.

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