Sandwichbike is the IKEA of Bikes

Prepare yourself. The IKEA of bikes is here. Like putting furniture wasn’t hard enough to put together.

The Sandwichbike is a wooden bike that packs flat into a box and gets sent to you in pieces. Anyone who has ever been to IKEA and bought something knows what comes next. The main parts are pieces of weather-coated plywood, which are held together by what Sandwichbike calls “smart cylinders.” Point is, you get the pieces (less than 50), you handle the assembly.

With the wood finish, it even looks like it would go with your IKEA furniture. They are a little expensive, though – each Sandwichbike costs €799, or about $1,034. But, if that’s the price you have to pay to ride around town on a snazzy wooden bike, so be it. Pre-orders are going on now, with delivery scheduled for this October.