Sena Cases Vettra iPad Mini Case Review

Sena Cases describes the Vettra case for iPad Mini as thin, elegant and seamless, and that is right on target. This case is one of the most luxurious and classy cases you can get for the iPad Mini, all without breaking the bank. The case is designed book-style in a high quality smooth leather.

The case itself manages to stay quite thin for a case made out of leather. That said, the leather material is thick and sturdy and offers ample protection for your Mini. The Mini slides right into the case for a snug fit. The case is also able to support two landscape angles for video viewing. There are also openings for the camera, speaker and charging ports.

But perhaps the most unique part of the Vettra’s design is its magnetic closure which keeps the case closed. This closure helps keep the Vettra sleek and sophisticated looking, while also offering extra security. The magnetic closure also activates the sleep function on the iPad, just like the magnet does in Apple’s own smart cover.


We’re smitten with the Vettra, its minimalist yet chic and sophisticated design, combined with its high quality materials make it one of the nicest and most luxurious iPad Mini cases we’ve seen to date. And at $69.99 it’s also reasonably priced for the quality you’re getting. We also appreciate the color choices of black, red, and white. The red we reviewed here is a bold vivid red to boot. Finally, we also appreciate that the case features the coveted wake/sleep function. All in all, this is one gorgeous iPad Mini case that would make a great Father’s or Mother’s day gift.

The Good: Slim and sleek design, neat magnetic closure with wake/sleep function support, nice color choices, beautiful leather materials, chic but minimalist design, not too heavy for leather

The Bad: No support for low angle typing.