How to Make Sure Snapchat Photos Get Deleted on Android

cleanYou might have heard a little something about Snapchat not being so snappy with the picture deleting. For the uninitiated, Snaphat is an app that lets you take photos, send them off to recipients, and rest assured knowing the photos are deleted within seconds from both the sender’s and recipient’s phone. There is an obvious use for that, and I am sure it is installed on the phones of many politicians out there.

Problem is, those hot selfies aren’t exactly getting deleted. The files still exist on the phones in question, although they are renamed and undetectable unless you have software up to the task of finding it. How easy it is for the average person to find those photos is still very debatable, but it’s safe to say that it is still possible to find the files somehow. And, if it’s still expensive to do so now, you can imagine that someday, there’s a chance it won’t be so expensive. So, how important this Snapchat snafu is all depends on how paranoid you are, or how much reason you have to be paranoid.

But, when a free app swoops in and says it can delete those files for good, I guess you might as well cover all your bases. Clean Master in an Android app that can clear the app cache and delete unused files, residual files, and search history. You can also use it to end running tasks, but make sure you do that in the right situation – as a good Lifehacker post suggests, that’s not always the best idea if you want to get the most out of your Android phone.

It’s not clear whether or not the app will actually rewrite the memory space where those pictures were stored, which is really the only way you can get rid of those pictures for good (it’s notoriously difficult to, strictly speaking, delete any digital file). But, Clean Master is worth a try, and will probably be enough to set a few adventurous boys and girls’ hearts at ease. Just, a quick note to our power-having friends – don’t forget the person on the other end can just take a screenshot of your Snapchat photo. You’re still totally in line to get blackmailed.

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