Start Menu Reviver Revives the Start Button on Windows 8

The lack of a Start button in Windows 8 has been a contentious topic since the release of the operating system, needless to say. Some cite it as a reason for not upgrading, others haven’t missed it since day one. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of reactions, it’s safe to say there was robust demand for a Start button replacement. And, downloadable replacements have indeed been supplied.

A lot of those replacements have attempted to bring back the familiar Start menu from previous versions of Windows. Reviversoft’s Start Menu Reviver, on the other hand, takes what Windows 8 lacks and fuses it with what it sees as the good parts of Windows 8, to create something that looks native to the Windows 8 operating system. It brings back the functionality a lot of people still want, without getting stuck in the past.

The Start button is found in the traditional spot in the lower left corner. The new Start menu will have everything you would see in the Charms bar on a bar on the left hand side, along with a run command. That also includes the whole-computer search function that would normally take you to the Start screen. On the right, you can pin up to 32 tiles – apps, desktop programs, individual documents, or websites. You can also access the Start screen, My Computer, or issue shut down, restart, or sleep commands. And, it’s all touch-optimized.

Start Menu Reviver is available now for free. Windows 8 and its design choices seem destined for endless debate, but all the same, it’s nice to see a Start button download that tries to work with Windows 8, instead of against it.

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  1. i may have to check this out. i was using another Start Button app. this one looks cool though