Ammo Recon Backpack is Probably not a TSA Approved Bag


That’s one way to get attention. Maybe not the best kind, but regardless.

The Ammo Recon Backpack promises to turn heads and stop traffic, which I’m sure is true. They leave out the part where those heads will turn the other way again pretty quickly, with traffic also getting on with its business a little faster than before. That will happen when you parade around town wearing a backpack festooned with apparently armor-piercing ammunition.

Topping Google Glass in raw ability to make others around you shift uncomfortably, this backpack is made from water-resistant polyester and has front pockets, a sunglasses pocket, and a notebook sleeve that fits as big as a 17” laptop (a slowly dying breed).

The Ammo Recon Backpack is selling now for $60 on Sprayground.