Everypost, justWink, Mobli and Trek Episode Guide are Apps of the Week

justWink for Windows 8

Windows 8 App of the Week: justWink

Want the thrilling experience of wandering the greeting card aisles at your local drugstore, right from your own home? You got it with justWink, an app straight from a company whose cards actually show up in those very aisles.

The justWink app is stocked with greeting cards for every occasion, including a few that don’t really require occasions. These greeting cards will be delivered via email or Facebook and, of course, you can fully personalize the inside of the cards before you send them out.

Should you or the prospective recipient value the feeling of paper in hand, the justWink app provides a map of nearby stores that stock justWink cards in their greeting aisles, so you can still experience the joys of wandering those aisles for way longer than you ever intended to.

The justWink app is available now on the Windows Store for free.

Mobli for Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8 App of the Week: Mobli

Mobli goes a little bit past sprucing up your photos and videos, making itself into kind of a pre-Facebook buyout Instagram.

The app does have a wealth of photo and video editing options – mostly simple filters and effects that you can use, as well as some touch-up effects for faces. Past that, it does manage to be its own little social network. You can follow others’ posts – usually photos or videos with small captions attached. Captions can also be backed up by hashtags. You can also choose to just follow hashtags, instead of people, or only follow posts coming from your city (or others’).

Mobli is available for free for iOS and Android, and has recently seen a Windows Phone 8 release.

Everypost for iPhone

iPhone App of the Week: Everypost

Everypost is a well-named app, allowing you to compose one post and publish it, well, everywhere.

With this app, you can push one post simultaneously to (deep breath) Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Dropbox, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. All of this is hashtag-friendly, and there’s a handy in-app URL shortener. For photos, 18 basic filters are available to choose from.

You can also browse YouTube and Grooveshark (for music) from within the app, and share instantly to all of the social networks you have linked to Everypost. The same can be done for pictures, using Flickr.

If you’ve been going around making all of these disparate social media posts separately, give Everypost a shot. It’s available for free now on the iTunes App Store.

Trek Episode Guide

Android App of the Week: Trek Episode Guide

If you’ve been binging on Star Trek ever since Star Trek Into Darkness came out, you would do well to check out Trek Episode Guide, a comprehensive list of episode and movie guides for pretty much every Star Trek thing that’s ever been on any screen.

Adopting the LCARS interface from Star Trek: The Next Generation, the app pulls in episode and movie guides for everything Star Trek from Memory Alpha. That includes movies from the original to Star Trek Into Darkness, and episodes from the original series, the animated series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. HD images round out the experience.

Trek Episode Guide is available now on Google Play for free.