LG Optimus G Pro Review (AT&T)

Move over Galaxy Note, there’s a new contender for most popular mega-sized phone. The brand new LG Optimus G Pro is quite a device with its 1080P 5.5″ display, quad-core processor, and outstanding battery life. It’s running the latest Android Jelly Bean and is one of the fastest phones on the market right now. It’s exclusive to AT&T and is the big (BIG) brother to last year’s Optimus G.


Naturally, the Optimus G Pro lives up to the name. This is by all means a large phone. It’s just about the same size as the Galaxy Note II. Optimus is quite sleek with smoothed and rounded corners. The screen runs edge to edge, leaving a minuscule frame around the sides. It’s beautiful.

It’s 9.4mm thick and 76mm (3 inches) wide. With large hands I can easily grip the Pro. I can do just about everything with one hand, though sometimes it’s an uncomfortable reach. At 5.6 ounces, it’s a bit lighter than you may expect.

Onlookers joke about whether its a phone, tablet, or dinner plate. They also have a tough time believing it fits in a pocket. It’s fit perfectly in every jean pocket I’ve worn, and comfortably too…but this probably does not apply to female pants.


1080P of beauty. The screen quality is pretty intense. There’s about 400 pixels per square inch (PPI), which is even more impressive then iPhone’s retina display. The colors are vivid and it’s really quite beautiful. With that said, side-by-side you may notice that the contrast isn’t quite as high as the Samsung Galaxy phones, which also have inkier blacks.


We’re passed that point where specs make a huge difference in the Android experience. This phone is spec’ed out better than my laptop, so of course it will run Android like a Pro. The processor is an impressive Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro running at 1.7GHz. There’s 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory (+ a micro SD card slot), wireless-n WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and IR.

Cellular and Data

The Optimus G Pro is running exclusively on AT&T. It’s hooked up to their LTE network for blazing fast speeds. The device supports 3G HSPA+/EVDO Rev.A/4G LTE. Here in New York, the data speeds were outstanding; what you’d expect from LTE, and right on par with my AT&T iPhone 5. The same goes for cellular; service is prevalent and phone calls sounded as good as any other cell phone. Data speeds were easily over 1 Megabyte (8000kbps) down in most spots.


There’s a 13 megapixel back camera with LED and a 2.1 megapixel front camera, both capable of recording 1080P video. Of course more megapixels doesn’t make a better camera. The Optimus’ image quality was pretty good overall. Some photographs are outstandingly detailed, others would require a couple shots and could still be grainy. The “time catch shot” feature helps with snapping the perfectly timed shot. The shutter is quick and the low light shots are pretty good too. Intelligent auto worked quite well and there’s a bunch of settings for perfecting your shot. Images are 4160 x 3120 and about 3MB in size. There’s also a neat “dual-recording” mode where you can video record from the front and rear camera simultaneously.
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Holy smokes, this battery. I can’t remember a battery lasting this long since the old feature phone days. The huge removable 3140mAh battery not only gets you through a full day of power, but it can get you two full days and maybe more depending on usage. With regular to above-average usage you’ll easily have enough battery to last you a full day and then some. Incredible.

Software and Notable Features

Oh my! You can replace all of your remote controls around the house with the Optimus! There’s a built-in IR blaster and you can easily choose your TVs, DVD players, DVRs, Receivers, and more right from a device list. You don’t even have to unlock the Optimus to access the remote. It’s really convenient. LG’s other big feature is QSlide–picture-in-picture apps. You can have windowed apps, like the video player, always floating on your screen. This means you can watch a video while you text or browse the web. It’s very neat, but may not get utilized so much. Those are the two features worth bragging about. The LG-customized Android software is pretty nice and very usable. I’ve become quite fond of their intuitive menu screen, customizable notification bar with quick toggles, and fun animations.


If you’re in the market for a large phone…like a very large phone…the LG Optimus G Pro is as good as it gets. The specs really don’t get much better, and with a 2-day removable battery, expandable storage micro-SD card slot, a beautiful screen, a built-in remote control, and the latest version of Android, you’ll absolutely love it. The only determining factor will be how comfortable you find it to hold and use–so try to go hands-on first! The LG Optimus G Pro retails for $549.99 or $199.99 with a two-year AT&T contract.

The Good: Nice and durable build quality, Removable Battery, Built-in IR blaster and remote control app, Blazing fast quad-core processor, Android Jelly Bean, Great camera, 2GB of RAM, Beautiful display with seriously high PPI, Programmable hard button on side, Incredible battery that’s removable
The Bad: No HDMI-out port, One-handed functions can be tricky even with large hands