These Chic Mario Overalls are for Girls

overallsIt’s like if there was a kangaroo suit in Super Mario Bros. 3, and Mario just put it on. Except, it’s a terrible experience for Mario, because he has to be the joey, not the jumper. Then again, it’s still probably not as bad as getting stuck with the frog suit out of water.

It’ll be an altogether different experience for you if you don the Mario Overalls. The workpants feature Mario, who looks like he’s kinda been tucked into the pants, with just his upper half sticking out. So, if you want to give Mario a ride around town, there you go. The overalls come in black and green, and to be honest, it’s a bit of a shame that they didn’t just let Luigi have the green one.

The Mario Overall was made by Dolldelight Designs, and is selling on Storenvy for $25.


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