Snapcat is Snapchat for Cats

snapcatI don’t know what a lewd selfie of a cat looks like, but it sounds like we’re all going to find out real soon.

Snapcat is up and on Google Play, and is ready for your scandalous cat to play around with. In practice, this is sort of like when you grab a laser pointer and watch your cat chase the dot all around the room for a few minutes. The app puts a red icon on the screen of your device, which moves around. Your cat will bat at it (that’s the plan, anyway), with success resulting in the front-facing camera snapping a picture. So, in that sense, yes, your cat will be taking selfies. So, if you thought headphones for cats was going to be the end of kitty tech, you were very, very wrong.

The app also has Aviary implemented for photo editing, and adding stickers and filters to the resulting photos. After that, you can reveal the depths of your cat’s depravity by posting their Snapcat photos on Facebook, Twitter, or EyeEm.

Snapcat is available now on Google Play for free.