Speck SmartFlex Shine iPhone 5 Case Review

Shine on you crazy iPhone case. Speck’s SmartFlex Shine case for iPhone 5 has a shimmer like no other. The SmartFlex Shine is yet another protective and fab-looking case brought to you by Speck…because your iPhone deserves some glimmer.

This isn’t one of Speck’s CandyShell cases, but it’s not too far off. Similarly, it sports the two-tone design with a cushiony interior and a hard and durable exterior. The coat has a metal-flecked luster on a glossy veneer. Our Pearl White model is super clean white until it hits the right light and it lights up in sparkle. Look at it in slightly different light and you’ll notice the purple shimmer. Since this is a Speck case you can count on a series of loud and fun color schemes.

The SmartFlex Shine isn’t the thinnest iPhone case, but it’s sleek for the protection it offers. There’s a raised edge that runs around iPhone’s face, an essential design queue for keeping your screen free of scratches. The lock and volume buttons have rubberized overlays that are fabulously large and easy to press. The vibrate toggle has a large opening for easy access. On the bottom of the case is speaker/mic holes accompanied by two cutouts, one for the headphone port and one for the charging port. These cutouts are large enough for most plugs, but probably not for docking stations and larger headphone plugs.

Even as a guy, the Pearl SmartFlex Shine has been a really fun case to rock on my iPhone. The shimmer really distinguishes it, plus a clean protective case is just what the doctor ordered. The hard shell was quick to pick up scuffs and scratches, but it’s not so noticeable. The Speck SmartFlex Shine for iPhone 5 is a “web-exclusive”, so don’t expect to see it in stores. It’s currently available in 6 different fun and shiny color schemes for $34.95 at SpeckProducts.com. Since the price is slightly above average for a quality iPhone 5 case, we’re hoping this Web Exclusive hits Amazon at a more affordable price.

The Good: Fun colors with amazing shimmer, Pearl model maintained super clean appearance despite scratches, Protective, Durable, Good button overlays, Easy to apply/remove
The Bad: Exterior collects scratches and scuffs, Bottom cutouts could be larger